Relocation Update

You will no doubt be aware that the ground work on our new ground has started. The big machines are on site and are busy moving soil around to level the ground. Prior to that Mallinsons (the contractors) had sprayed to

remove any perennial weeds.

Weather conditions had been perfect and enabled the contractors to crack on with the work. It will be fascinating to watch the gradual progress of our new ground. The first thing that you are aware of is how large the site is in comparison to our present ground at Hillside Road.

After the topsoil is moved to one side the ground will be levelled to a 1:100 gradient. To the observer the site already

looks level but in fact the junior pitch will be 1 metre lower than the senior pitch

We have noticed on social media that there are comments about a metal security fence being erected around the site.

FAKE NEWS. There will be a combination of hedging and farm style fences along with landscaping and trees. We want the ground to feel part of the beautiful countryside.

May we also recommend a blog by a local resident called Alan Dawson (who is not connected to the club). He is giving an insight into how residents are viewing our move to Dark Lane. His blog is at

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