Club Membership and Subscription 2020


New members both playing and non-playing are welcome to join Bredbury St Marks Cricket Club, so if you feel you are the next Freddie Flintoff, would just like to socialise or just fancy a beer or two, then contact Geoff Charlwood on 07879497842 or


As everyone is aware 2020 is an exceptional year with the Covid 19 pandemic. The Committee have reduced the membership rates to match a shorter season.


We are asking new members to sign up online using our new membership portal provided by membershipmojo which allows secure payments to be made through PayPal or cheque, please click the 'Join Us' button.  


For exsiting members you can renew easily by clicking the 'Your Memebership' button. You can also make any changes to addresses, contacts, or family details through this section.



£10.00 - Ordinary Members – Male or Female


£10.00 - Ordinary Members (Senior Citizens)


£0.00  - Associate members (hires)


£10.00 - Junior Members in FTE age under 9 years on 1st September 2019


£20.00 - Junior/Student Members in FTE over 9 years on 1st September 2019


£0.00  - Junior Parents (1 discretionary Ordinary membership))    -


£20.00 - Over 40’s    


£20.00 - Casuals


£50.00 - Senior Players (Age 16 or more on 1st September 2019 in full time employment)


Match Fees


Senior League Matches

£5.00 - Seniors

£3.00 - Juniors/FTE Students


Over 40's

£5.00 - Seniors



£5.00 - Seniors

£3.00 - Juniors/FTE Students


All Senior Male and Female Evening Matches

£3.50 - Seniors

£2.50 - Juniors/FTE Students 


Junior Matches

£2.00 - Juniors




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