Club Meetings and Reports

Minutes of BSMCC AGM held via Zoom digitally on Thursday 28 January 2021


Attendance Geoff Mountford in the chair plus 17 other members. Meeting commenced at 7.35pm.


Apologies were received from Jill Ward & Jimmy Stuart


Precis of minutes from AGM held on Thursday 28 November 2019 was read out. A full account had been posted on the club website early in 2020.


Minutes silemce for Fred Bonsall, Gordon Martin, Howard Longden, Malcolm Stewart & Ian Nevison who had passed away over the past year.


Chairman's address – Geoff gave a summary of his written address which had been circulated previously to members (reproduced below)


Hello everyone, I hope that you are well and staying safe in these difficult times.

This time last year we were beginning to look forward with anticipation to a new cricket season. We thought that it would be our last season at Hillside Road before relocating in the autumn. By March everything was in place. We had the teams, the captains, the managers and the coaches in place and ready. Our overseas player from S. Africa had been signed up and work, lodgings and flights organised. The weather was glorious and the ground was ready and looking good.

How different the year turned out to be.

At last cricket eventually got under way and with some restrictions both junior and senior teams played competitive matches for half the season.

Work on our new ground had not started as anticipated due to the pandemic and had been put on hold. Work should start in the spring 2021 and we will relocate our club during the autumn/winter.

You will have seen in the very good AGM report that Steve Amison has written and collated that he is stepping down as the club secretary after several years. He has been involved in club management for many years fulfilling many roles. These roles have included chairman, junior coordinator, coaching as a level 2+ coach, setting up the girls/ladies section, league representative, applications for grant funding, captain, scorer, committee member, trustee, life member etc. etc. The club would not be where it is now without his enthusiasm and endeavour to organise and develop the club. There are many of you who recognise the effort Steve has put in over the years and we are all thankful for his encouragement and vision. I want to thank Steve on behalf of the club for everything he has done to promote and develop the club. Steve has told me that he will still continue to be involved in the club but not in a management capacity.

May I also take this opportunity to thank all members who have supported and helped at the club during the very difficult year. 2021 will be our last season at Hillside Road, it will be both an exciting and a very busy year. You will appreciate that during 2021 we will have to prepare for the relocation so that the club is able to move as seamlessly as possible. We will need help and support particularly next autumn when we make the transition to our new venue.

Hopefully our new 2021 season will start in April and that we will be able to fulfil our plans.

Take care and stay safe.

Geoff Mountford



Treasurer's report

Steve Burton reported that there hasn't been an audit because of the Covid lockdown. This will be carried out and reported to members when it is safe to do so.

The financial statement reflects a very good year. We had a fantastic bonfire night. A government business grant of £10k was received in March. Some of the lost membership fees were recovered in the amended reduced amounts decided upon for the truncated 2020 season. “Hats off” to Andy Moore who managed to raise over £9k bar takings and increase margins. Since the year end we have received further business grants of £2.5k & £6.3k which has left us with a bank balance of over £30k. However this will be needed to cover the interim expenditure on our relocation. This is subject to a complex deal involving our acquisition of the new ground and the sale of ours.


The Club's accounts were accepted (subject to audit)


Executive Committee decisions

Annual Subscriptions

Steve Burton explained the reasoning behind the split subscriptions was as a result of the relocation deal costing us up to £300k in VAT. We are registering for VAT in order to reclaim some of this VAT. However the claim can only be made on certain expenditure not connected to playing activity (eg Bar). Membership subscriptions have been split to take out the elements relating to costs of club shirts and practice nets. Expenditure on the latter (purchase of shirts and cost of indoor nets) will now become eligible towards VAT refunds.

The following subscriptions & match fees have been set by the Executive Committee (subject to COVID problems & whether teas are to be provided)



Shirt Nets Total

SENIOR PLAYER £100 10 30 140

JUNIOR YEAR 5+/FTE £35 10 25 70

JUNIOR UP TO YEAR 4 £20 10 10 40






SENIOR WEEKEND £10 (no teas £7)

JUNIOR/FTE WEEKEND £6 (no teas £3)




OVER 40 £8 (no food £4)

CASUALS £8 (no food £4)

CASUALS FTE £6 (no food £3)


Election of Executive committee, Officers & Captains


Geoff read out the club officials elected for 2021


PRESIDENT – Alan Martin



Chairman – Geoff Mountford

Treasurer – Steve Burton

Secretary – Sue Guy

Senior Cricket Coordinator– Steve Clarke

Ground Coordinator – Dave Guy

Junior Cricket Coordinator – Will Mairs



Club Welfare Officers - Karen Wilde and James Stuart

Chairman of Selectors – Daren Evans

Membership Secretary – VACANT

Bar Chairman – Andrew Moore

Bar Vice Chairman – Pete Moore

Hires Secretary – Andrew Moore

Assistant Hires Secretary – Pete Moore

1st XI Captain Matthew Asher Vice VACANT

2nd XI Captain Graham Barlow Vice VACANT

3rd XI Captain Jordan Brookes – Vice Neil Coulson

4th XI Captain John Welsh Vice VACANT

Over 40s Captain – Graham Barlow

Casuals Captain - Marc Foster


AUDITOR – Joe Beckett



David Downes (100 club)

Jill Ward (Match Ball Sponsorship)


IT ADVISER – Jon Wilde


The VACANT positions are under review and will be looked at by the Executive Committee.



RULE AMENDMENTS (recommended by the Executive Committee)


12(a) Amend

“Cricket Chairman” to Senior Cricket Coordinator” &

“Ground Chairman” to “Ground Coordinator”

Note – to update titles



“Junior Cricket Coordinator”


Notes – to bring Will Mairs on the Exec




13 (b) change


5 to maximum of 5 , minimum of 2


Notes – Legally we only need a max of 2 trustees. At the AGM we will have only 4 trustees with Michael Kirk's intended resignation.


These were passed without discussion.




Life Membership

Geoff informed the meeting that the Life members had decided to invite Graham Barlow to be a Life Member. He has been a valuable playing member for many years from being a junior. He captained the 1st XI through one of the most successful periods in Bredbury history and he has held various committee posts over the years.


Annual Club Awards

The following were congratulated on receiving the following Club Awards:-


1st XI performance of the season – Kath Neild Memorial Shield – Josh Ireton 11-3-4-39 & 38 v Ashley 26 September 2020


2nd XI performance of the season – Kath Neild Memorial Shield – Dan Evans

32 out of 77/7 to win the match on a “minefield” at Trafford Metrovics on 22 August 2020 (No other Bredbury batsman got to double figures)


3rd XI Player of the Year – Henry Armitage all round performances including 2 x 50s


4th XI Player of the Year – Charlie Wilde – leading run scorer


Les Wyatt Memorial Award for the most promising Junior – James Guy


Captain's Shield – Cam Meadwell


Most Improved Player – Aidan Norris


Fielder of the Year – yet to be decided


Meeting ended 8.10pm