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Club History

Bredbury St Marks Cricket Club was formed in 1913 by the players and officials of the football club of the same name. The Cricket Club rented fields off Werneth Road, Woodley, our present ground, which had been previously occupied by Greave Cricket Club. We were accepted into the Stockport and District League and won the championship in our first year. Play continued into 1914 then had to be suspended on the outbreak of war late in the season. By 1919 a resumption was possible and the club joined the High Peak League. In 1922 we won both the First and Second Division Championships and the Second XI were successful the following year and in 1928. It is interesting to record that the subscriptions at this time were 10s (50p) for players, 5s (25p) for juniors and the tea ladies were treated leniently at 3s 6d (17.5p). By the 1930's many improvements had been carried out and the square had become a featherbed which was the envy of visiting teams the result of hard work with limited equipment. An average of 150 per innings in 1936 bears testimony to this fact. Although resources were limited negotiations began in 1938 to buy the ground and the Club was able, through the industry of it's members and by the generosity of Mrs Jane Harrison, to purchase the ground for the use of cricket, by 1940. During the late 1930's the club felt that it had the best crop of young talents so far in it's history but the long-threatened Second World War erupted and was to destroy much more than the aspirations of a cricket club......... In the immediate post-war years Bredbury struggled to achieve respectability in its league postions. However the 1950's brought a marked improvement in the club's fortunes. Off the field, a new pavillion was built at a cost of £2500 and in common with ten other clubs formed the Derbyshire and Cheshire Cricket League in 1952. Both teams had their success, culminating in the league championship in 1959. Talented juniors had by now emerged through the ranks and were strengthening the senior teams which were to form the backbone of the club for some years. The Club's Golden Jubilee in 1963 came at a time of great success and enthusiasm. The club continued to develop both on and off the field and the 1960's and early 70's were undoubtedly some of the most successful in the Club's history. As well as winning the First Division Championship in 1966 and 1969 we were runners-up in the years between. The 2nd.XI were also on the crest of a wave during this era. The culmination of this period was the outstanding achievement of winning the 'Double' in 1971 when both teams won their respective divisions. Alas success does not continue forever and by 1973 no less than eight first team players had moved on, some for business reasons, others to develop their cricketing ability elsewhere. Once more, team rebuilding had to take place. We were fortunate to possess a very enthusiastic set of juniors who in 1973 and 1976 won their respective Divisons but it would take time for them to help imporve the fortunes of the senior teams. Times were changing. People were no longer coming in large numbers to watch their local sports team as had been the custom at Bredbury. There were many reasons, television, individual sports, car ownership and other interests were encroaching and the club had to accept that it could not exist on the income from cricket alone. Accordingly, the pavilion was extended to provide a larger social area which incorporated a bar and the general facilities were upgraded. New, detached changing rooms were built which incorporated showers and, as if to show that nothing was to remain as before we joined another league in 1978. The Cheshire Cricket League comprising some 24 clubs at the time covered a far larger area than had been the case before. Several of these clubs were much larger if not better than Bredbury. We were initially successful in achieving First Division Status, however the Club's fortunes fluctuated during the 1980's. By 1988 the club were back into the First Division with a good squad of senior players and the back-up of emerging quality from the junior development programme. Meanwhile, club and ground improvements continued to be carried out. New drainage, perimeter fencing and improvemnts to the score box, dressing rooms and pavilion were carried out in 1987 with the aid of labour provided by the Community Services Programme of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. If the winning of the 1st Division Championship is the pinnacle of success, then the 1990's was the most successful era to date. The Championship was won in 1993, 1997 and 1998, and but for the size of the ground the efforts of the club to join a higher echelon of cricket in an enlarged Cheshire County Cricket League would surely have been successful. Ground improvements continued during this decade with new attached changing rooms being built in 1994 at a cost of £32,000 thus enhancing the already good facilites in the clubhouse. Bredbury have, however, never been anything other than ambitious, and the club have high hopes of shortly moving to a new 7.5 acre site with new pavilion and amenities. In the early millenium years the club maintained its ambition and efforts to reach the alusive spot in The Cheshire County League, some might suggest this should have been the case some years earlier on the back of the late 90's success. Alas in 2001 the Club were promoted to the 2nd Divison Of the County League where in the first season managed a respectable 4th position. The club bowed out of the Meller Braggins Cheshire Cricket League in style by picking up both 1st and 2nd.XI knockout cup trophies in 2001. These early years have seen overseas amateurs introduced to the club, where to date Chanjarit Singh from Calcutta India, Dale Bradley from Adelaide, Matthew Cations from Melbourne and Peter Zybrands Sydney all Australia have all represented the club in the new league and contributed very well indeed. In particular Peter Zybrands who smashed a club record and scored the highest score of the 2006 season with an unbeaten 176. We have great optimism and confidence that the future will be as promising and successful as the past has been. None of the foregoing would have been possible without the dedication and commitment of successive Management Committees whose Officers and members, including many ladies, have helped to forge a sporting and community spirit second to none.......long may it continue

Club Honours

Pre War 1913 Stockport and District Championship 1922 High Peak Division Championship 1922 High Peak 'A' Division Championship 1923 High Peak 'A' Division Championship 1928 High Peak 'A' Division Championship Post War The 40's 1948 High Peak League 'A' Division Championship The 50's 1950 Brooks Cup Winners 1959 Derbyshire and Cheshire League 1st Division Championship The 60's 1963 Derbyshire and Cheshire League 'A' Division Championship 1964 Derbyshire and Cheshire League 'A' Division Championship 1965 Thompson Trophy Winners 1966 Derbyshire and Cheshire League 1st Division Championship 1968 Thompson Trophy Winners 1969 Derbyshire and Cheshire League 1st Division Championship 1969 Thompson Trophy Winners The 70's 1970 Bissenden Trophy Winners 1970 Pearson Memorial Plate Winners 1971 Derbyshire and Cheshire League 1st Division Championship 1971 Derbyshire and Cheshire League 'A' Division Championship 1971 Pearson Memorial Plate Winners 1971 Thompson Trophy Winners 1972 Thompson Trophy Winners 1972 Derbyshire and Cheshire League 'A'Division Championship 1972 Pearson Memorial Plate Winners 1973 Derbyshire and Cheshire League Junior Champions 1973 Compstall Centenary Cup under 18's Winners 1975 Binns Trophy under 14's Winners 1976 Derbyshire and Cheshire League Junior Champions The 80's 1985 Derbyshire and Cheshire League North Area Junior Champions 1985 Compstall Centenary Cup under 18's Winners 1986 Compstall Centenary Cup under 18's Winners 1987 High Peak Junior League Champions 1987 Cheshire Cricket League Colts Trophy Winners 1987 Cheshire Cricket League under 15's Trophy Winners 1987 Denton and District League under 19's Best Sports team Trophy 1989 U19's Phillips-Townsend Trophy Winners 1989 U18's Cheshire Cricket League Cup Winners The 90's 1990 Denton District Junior Cricket League Champions 1990 Denton District Junior Cricket League Cup Winners 1990 U19's Philips-Townsend Trophy Winners 1991 U17's High Peak Junior Cricket League 1991 Cheshire Cricket League Colts Trophy Winners 1992 U17's Alan Kirk Cup Winners 1993 Meller Braggins Chehsire Cricket League !st Division Champions 1994 U17's Alan Kirk Cup Winners 1995 U17's High Peak Junior Cricket League Champions 1996 U13's High Peak Junior Cricket League Champions 1996 Meller Braggins Cheshire Cricket League 1st XI KO Cup 1997 Meller Braggins Cheshire Cricket League 1st Division Champions 1998 Meller Braggins Cheshire Cricket League 1st Division Champions 1998 Meller Braggins Cheshire Cricket League Aggregate Trophy 1998 Meller Braggins Cheshire Cricket League 1st XI KO Cup 1999 Meller Braggins Cheshire Cricket League 1st XI KO Cup 1999 Meller Braggins Cheshire Cricket League Colts Cup The Millenium Years The 00's 2000 U17's High Peak Junior Cricket League Cup Winners 2001 Meller Braggins Cheshire Cricket League 1st XI Cup Winners 2001 Meller Braggins Cricket League 2nd XI Cup Winners 2001 Promotion to the Murray Smith Cheshire County Cricket League 2004 U15's Murray Smith Cheshire County Cricket League Plate Championship 2006 U18s High Peak League Cup Winners 2010 Chapel Press Cheshire County Cricket League U15's Shield Championship The 2010s 2011 Chapel Press Cheshire County Cricket League 1st XI 2nd Division Champions 2013 Vivio Cheshire County Cricket League 2nd XI 2nd Div. Champions 2013 Vivio Cheshire County Cricket League over 40s Division Champions 2013 Vivio Cheshire County Cricket League 1st XI Fair Play award 2014 U15's Cheshire County Cricket League Cup Championship 2015 Cheshire County Cricket League Div.1 East Champions 2015 U9s Cheshire County Cricket League zonal winners and overall semi finalists 2016 Cheshire Cricket League 1st XI Div.1 runners up 2016 1st XI promotion to the Cheshire County Cricket League 2017 U9 Cheshire High Peak JCL Champions 2017 U13 Cheshire High Peak JCL Stockport Division Winners 2019 U11 Cheshire High Peak JCL North Macclesfield Division Winners 2019 U11 Cheshire High Peak JCL Champions 2019 U13 Cheshire High Peak JCL Stockport Division Winners 2019 U15 Cheshire High Peak JCL Stockport Division Winners 2019 Cheshire County Cricket League Over 40 South East Group Winners

Club Awards

2020 Award Winners Kath Nield Memorial Trophies for the 1st and 2nd teams' perfomance of the season 1st XI - Josh Ireton 2nd XI - Daniel Evans Player of the year 3rd XI - Henry Armitage 4th XI - Charlie Wilde Captains' shield - Cameron Meadwell Wilf Turner Club Fielder of the Year Most improved player - Aidan Norris Les Wyatt Memorial Award for most promising junior - James Guy 2019 Award Winners Kath Nield Memorial Trophies for the 1st and 2nd teams' perfomance of the season 1st XI - Jake McCormack 2nd XI - Andy Whittaker Players of the year 3rd XI - Travis Coulson 4th XI - Jon Wilde Captain's shield - Harry Foster Wilf Turner Memorial Trophy for Club Fielder of the Year - Jake McCormack Most Improved Player - James Guy Les Wyatt Memorial award for the Most Promising Junior - Aidan Norris 2018 Award Winners Kath Nield Memorial Trophies for the 1st and 2nd teams' perfomance of the season 1st XI - Chris Wood 2nd XI - Mike Usher Players of the year 3rd XI - Neil Coulson 4th XI - Martin Wood Captain's shield - Graham Barlow Wilf Turner Memorial Trophy for Club Fielder of the Year - Ben Smith Most Improved Player - Andy Mchale Les Wyatt Memorial award for the Most Promising Junior - Harry Foster 2017 Award Winners Kath Nield Memorial Trophies for the 1st and 2nd teams' performance of the season 1st XI - Darren Carr 2nd XI - Chris Horsey Players of the Year 3rd XI - Harry Foster 4th XI - Dave Norris Captains' Shield - Chris Wood Most Improved Club player - Will Mairs Wilf Turner Memorial Trophy for Club Fielder of the Year - Andy McHale Les Wyatt Memorial Award for most promising Junior - Josh Ireton

Clubmark Information

Safeguarding Policy Statement Bredbury St Marks Cricket Club (The Club) is committed to ensuring all Children(*) participating in cricket have a safe and positive experience. (*The word “Children” should be taken to mean all persons under the age of 18.) We will do this by: • Recognising all children participating in cricket (regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability or disability) have a right to have fun and be protected from harm in a safe environment. • Ensuring individuals working within cricket at, or for, our club provide a safe, positive and fun cricketing experience for children. • Adopting and implementing the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) “SafeHands – Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children” and any future versions of this. • Appointing a Club Welfare Officer and ensuring they attend all current and future training modules required by the ECB, so they have the necessary skills to undertake their role effectively. • Ensuring all people who work in cricket at, or for, our club (such as staff, officials, volunteers, team managers, coaches and so on) understand the “Safe Hands Policy” applies to them according to their level of contact with children in cricket. • Ensuring all individuals working within cricket at, or for, the club are recruited and appointed in accordance with ECB guidelines and relevant legislation. • Ensuring all individuals working within cricket at, or for, the club are provided with support, through education and training, so they are aware of, and can adhere to, good practice and code of conduct guidelines defined by the ECB, and the club. Ensuring the name and contact details of the Club Welfare Officer is available: - As the first point of contact for parents, children and volunteers/staff within the club - As a local source of procedural advice for the club, its committee and members - As the main point of contact within the club for the ECB County Welfare Officer and the ECB Child Protection Team, and - As the main point of contact within the club for relevant external agencies in connection with child safeguarding. Ensuring correct and comprehensive reporting procedures exist for raising and managing child safeguarding concerns. Such procedures should recognise the responsibility of the statutory agencies and be in accordance with pre defined child safeguarding procedures as set down by the ECB, Statutory Agencies and Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) guidelines and policies. • Providing everyone connected with the club (including parents, children and volunteers) with the opportunity to voice any concerns they have (about possible suspected child abuse, and/or about poor practice) to the Club Welfare Officer. • Ensuring all suspicious concerns and allegations are taken seriously and dealt with swiftly and appropriately. • Ensuring access to confidential information relating to child safeguarding matters is restricted to the Club Welfare Officer and the appropriate external authorities, such as the Local Authority Designated Officer(LADO), as specified within ECB child safeguarding procedures. ECB Coaches Code of Conduct Coaches are encouraged to adhere to the codes of coaching conduct as advised by the ECB CA and Sports Coach UK, the main principles are: • Rights – Coaches must respect and champion the rights of every individual to participate in sport • Relationships – Coaches must develop a relationship with athletes (and others) based on openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect • Responsibilities - personal standards – Coaches must demonstrate proper personal behaviour and conduct at all times • Responsibilities - professional standards – To maximise benefits and minimise the risks to athletes, coaches must attain a high level of competence through qualifications and a commitment to ongoing training that ensures safe and correct practice Please click below to open a PDF of the full ECB Coaches Code of Conduct. ECB Coaches Code of Conduct Accident and Emergency Procedures Bredbury St Marks Cricket Club Accident and Emergency Procedures Club officials in charge for the day should be aware of the following:- 1. Prior to practice, matches or other occasions, ensure the area and equipment is safe for ALL. If an accident or emergency occurs…….KEEP CALM 2. Ensure the safety of the injured, yourself and others in the vicinity. 3. If necessary, apply First Aid to the condition or injury 4. If necessary, enlist the help of others e.g. first aiders, doctor or ambulance 5. If necessary, arrange an escort to accompany the injured party to doctors, hospital or home. Ensure the remainder of the group are safe and supervised. 6. Inform next of kin i.e. partner, parent or guardian 7. Enter the basic details in the Accident Book 8. Follow up with enquiry no later than next day 9. Complete and Accident Report Form with full details, obtaining signatures of the injured person and any witnesses 10. Report the incident to the Management Committee 11. If necessary, make further enquiries according to the severity of the condition or injury DOCTOR Romiley Health Centre Chichester Road Romiley SK6 4QR Tel: 0161 430 2573 HOSPITAL Stepping Hill A & E Poplar Grove Hazel Grove Stockport SK2 7JE Tel: 0161 483 1010 AMBULANCE Dial 999 Code of Responsibilities and Ethics Bredbury St Marks Cricket Club The Club is proud to boast that it has a ‘no discrimination policy’ in full accordance with its Byelaw 9. This policy is incorporated within the Club’s written ‘Code of Responsibility and Ethics’ which it has become necessary to publish, especially with regard to children who are on the Club’s premises or otherwise under the supervision of the Club. The policy shall be strictly adhered to by all Club members. In order to facilitate the policy, different groups within the Club have different requirements and, accordingly, such groups are identified as 1) The Club’s Management, 2) Players, 3) Captains and Team Managers, 4) Coaches, 5) Juniors, 6) Parents and 7) Spectators and each one is structured as followed. 1. The Club’s Management: a. Will act at all times in the best interests of members. b. Will endeavour to provide a safe and secure environment for members and visitors. c. Will conduct a policy of ‘non-discrimination’ with regards to all aspects contained within ‘Byelaw 9’ d. Will promote the finest attitudes of sportsmanship from its members and encourage improved performance and participation. 2. Players: a. Will conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the rules of the game and the law. b. Will take responsibility for their own actions both on and off the field. c. Will respect the talents of others in the Club. d. Will avoid any unsafe situation where possible. e. Will take appropriate action if the safety or the well-being of others is threatened and report the incident to any Officer of the Club. 3. Team Captains and Managers: a. Will bring the best qualities of sportsmanship and leadership to the sport and will treat everyone with equal respect in their efforts to improve the performance and relationships of team members. b. Will maintain an appropriate boundary in their relationships with others and recognise the negative consequences of power and trust. c. Will act appropriately if the safety of others is threatened or any untoward behaviour is observed and report any such instances to any Officer of the Club. 4. Coaches: a. Will provide and maintain, through mutual trust and respect, good standards of behaviour and safety as they act ‘in loco parentis’. b. Will encourage, through an atmosphere of enjoyment the best practices of coaching and learning. c. Will strive to improve performance, through a progressive programme of safe, guided practice, measured performance and competition for all concerned. d. Will avoid any unsafe or potentially damaging situation in their relationships with others. e. Will report any inappropriate actions or behaviour to the Officers of the Club. 5. Junior Members: a. Will do their best to improve their ability in the sport and develop good attitudes and sportsmanship. b. Will co-operate with coaches, team managers and helpers who provide their time voluntarily. c. Will observe the rules of the game and the law. d. Will avoid any unsafe situation. e. Will inform the Youth Co-ordinator or any Official of the Club who is present if they are worried or upset at any time for any reason. 6. Parents and Guardians: a. Should encourage the best possible commitment from their youngsters, consistent with their age and ability. b. Should only provide constructive criticism and never decry the performance or efforts of any of the young players. c. Should co-operate with coaches and helpers who are giving their time voluntarily. d. Should inform an Official immediately if anything is observed which affects the safety or wellbeing or any youngster. 7. Spectators: a. Are asked, by their presence, to encourage players who will appreciate constructive criticism. b. Are asked to report any untoward or unsportsmanlike behaviour to any Officer of the Club.

AGM 2021

Minutes of BSMCC AGM held via Zoom digitally on Thursday 28 January 2021 Attendance Geoff Mountford in the chair plus 17 other members. Meeting commenced at 7.35pm. Apologies were received from Jill Ward & Jimmy Stuart Precis of minutes from AGM held on Thursday 28 November 2019 was read out. A full account had been posted on the club website early in 2020. Minutes silemce for Fred Bonsall, Gordon Martin, Howard Longden, Malcolm Stewart & Ian Nevison who had passed away over the past year. Chairman's address – Geoff gave a summary of his written address which had been circulated previously to members (reproduced below) Hello everyone, I hope that you are well and staying safe in these difficult times. This time last year we were beginning to look forward with anticipation to a new cricket season. We thought that it would be our last season at Hillside Road before relocating in the autumn. By March everything was in place. We had the teams, the captains, the managers and the coaches in place and ready. Our overseas player from S. Africa had been signed up and work, lodgings and flights organised. The weather was glorious and the ground was ready and looking good. How different the year turned out to be. At last cricket eventually got under way and with some restrictions both junior and senior teams played competitive matches for half the season. Work on our new ground had not started as anticipated due to the pandemic and had been put on hold. Work should start in the spring 2021 and we will relocate our club during the autumn/winter. You will have seen in the very good AGM report that Steve Amison has written and collated that he is stepping down as the club secretary after several years. He has been involved in club management for many years fulfilling many roles. These roles have included chairman, junior coordinator, coaching as a level 2+ coach, setting up the girls/ladies section, league representative, applications for grant funding, captain, scorer, committee member, trustee, life member etc. etc. The club would not be where it is now without his enthusiasm and endeavour to organise and develop the club. There are many of you who recognise the effort Steve has put in over the years and we are all thankful for his encouragement and vision. I want to thank Steve on behalf of the club for everything he has done to promote and develop the club. Steve has told me that he will still continue to be involved in the club but not in a management capacity. May I also take this opportunity to thank all members who have supported and helped at the club during the very difficult year. 2021 will be our last season at Hillside Road, it will be both an exciting and a very busy year. You will appreciate that during 2021 we will have to prepare for the relocation so that the club is able to move as seamlessly as possible. We will need help and support particularly next autumn when we make the transition to our new venue. Hopefully our new 2021 season will start in April and that we will be able to fulfil our plans. Take care and stay safe. Geoff Mountford Chairman Treasurer's report Steve Burton reported that there hasn't been an audit because of the Covid lockdown. This will be carried out and reported to members when it is safe to do so. The financial statement reflects a very good year. We had a fantastic bonfire night. A government business grant of £10k was received in March. Some of the lost membership fees were recovered in the amended reduced amounts decided upon for the truncated 2020 season. “Hats off” to Andy Moore who managed to raise over £9k bar takings and increase margins. Since the year end we have received further business grants of £2.5k & £6.3k which has left us with a bank balance of over £30k. However this will be needed to cover the interim expenditure on our relocation. This is subject to a complex deal involving our acquisition of the new ground and the sale of ours. The Club's accounts were accepted (subject to audit) Executive Committee decisions Annual Subscriptions Steve Burton explained the reasoning behind the split subscriptions was as a result of the relocation deal costing us up to £300k in VAT. We are registering for VAT in order to reclaim some of this VAT. However the claim can only be made on certain expenditure not connected to playing activity (eg Bar). Membership subscriptions have been split to take out the elements relating to costs of club shirts and practice nets. Expenditure on the latter (purchase of shirts and cost of indoor nets) will now become eligible towards VAT refunds. The following subscriptions & match fees have been set by the Executive Committee (subject to COVID problems & whether teas are to be provided) ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS 2021 Shirt Nets Total SENIOR PLAYER £100 10 30 140 JUNIOR YEAR 5+/FTE £35 10 25 70 JUNIOR UP TO YEAR 4 £20 10 10 40 ORDINARY/SENIOR CITIZEN £10 MIDWEEK/OVER 40 £20 JUNIOR PARENT NIL MATCH FEES 2021 SENIOR WEEKEND £10 (no teas £7) JUNIOR/FTE WEEKEND £6 (no teas £3) MIDWEEK SENIOR £4 MIDWEEK JUNIOR/FTE £3 JUNIOR MATCHES £2 OVER 40 £8 (no food £4) CASUALS £8 (no food £4) CASUALS FTE £6 (no food £3) Election of Executive committee, Officers & Captains Geoff read out the club officials elected for 2021 PRESIDENT – Alan Martin EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Chairman – Geoff Mountford Treasurer – Steve Burton Secretary – Sue Guy Senior Cricket Coordinator– Steve Clarke Ground Coordinator – Dave Guy Junior Cricket Coordinator – Will Mairs OFFICERS Club Welfare Officers - Karen Wilde and James Stuart Chairman of Selectors – Daren Evans Membership Secretary – VACANT Bar Chairman – Andrew Moore Bar Vice Chairman – Pete Moore Hires Secretary – Andrew Moore Assistant Hires Secretary – Pete Moore 1st XI Captain Matthew Asher Vice VACANT 2nd XI Captain Graham Barlow Vice VACANT 3rd XI Captain Jordan Brookes – Vice Neil Coulson 4th XI Captain John Welsh Vice VACANT Over 40s Captain – Graham Barlow Casuals Captain - Marc Foster AUDITOR – Joe Beckett FUND RAISING David Downes (100 club) Jill Ward (Match Ball Sponsorship) IT/WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR – Gary Dickson IT ADVISER – Jon Wilde The VACANT positions are under review and will be looked at by the Executive Committee. RULE AMENDMENTS (recommended by the Executive Committee) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 12(a) Amend “Cricket Chairman” to Senior Cricket Coordinator” & “Ground Chairman” to “Ground Coordinator” Note – to update titles Add “Junior Cricket Coordinator” Notes – to bring Will Mairs on the Exec TRUSTEES 13 (b) change 5 to maximum of 5 , minimum of 2 Notes – Legally we only need a max of 2 trustees. At the AGM we will have only 4 trustees with Michael Kirk's intended resignation. These were passed without discussion. AOB Life Membership Geoff informed the meeting that the Life members had decided to invite Graham Barlow to be a Life Member. He has been a valuable playing member for many years from being a junior. He captained the 1st XI through one of the most successful periods in Bredbury history and he has held various committee posts over the years. Annual Club Awards The following were congratulated on receiving the following Club Awards:- 1st XI performance of the season – Kath Neild Memorial Shield – Josh Ireton 11-3-4-39 & 38 v Ashley 26 September 2020 2nd XI performance of the season – Kath Neild Memorial Shield – Dan Evans 32 out of 77/7 to win the match on a “minefield” at Trafford Metrovics on 22 August 2020 (No other Bredbury batsman got to double figures) 3rd XI Player of the Year – Henry Armitage all round performances including 2 x 50s 4th XI Player of the Year – Charlie Wilde – leading run scorer Les Wyatt Memorial Award for the most promising Junior – James Guy Captain's Shield – Cam Meadwell Most Improved Player – Aidan Norris Fielder of the Year – yet to be decided Meeting ended 8.10pm

100 Club

If you would like to join the 100 Club and be in with a chance to win one of our 3 monthly prizes please speak to Dave Downes 07719769982 for a sign up form.

Club Officials

President: Alan Martin Tel: 0161 430 5578 Email:alanandi@ntlworld.com EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Chairman: Geoff Mountford Mobile: 07805148296 Email:montyhugh7@btinternet.com Secretary: Sue Guy Mobile: 07736341222 Email:sguy.bsmcc@gmail.com Treasurer: Steve Burton Mobile: 07968134710 Email:stevenjburton@hotmail.com Ground Coordinator: Dave Guy Mobile: 07948760825 Email:david.guy7@ntlworld.com Senior Cricket Coordinator: Steve Clarke Mobile: 07909686384 Email:steve.clarke@time.ca Junior Cricket Coordinator: Will Mairs Mobile: 07791 938 042 E mail:will.mairs@ntlworld.com OFFICIALS Groundsman: Geoff Mountford Mobile: 07805148296 Email:montyhugh7@btinternet.com Bar and Hires Manager CWO (joint) Karen Wilde Mobile: 07762240067 Email:karenwildeuk@yahoo.co.uk Jimmy Stuart Mobile: 07824628032 Email:jamesstuart1992@hotmail.co.uk DBS verifier Membership Secretary Jon Wilde Mobile: 07798 858888 Email:jonwildeuk@yahoo.co.uk IT TEAM Website administrator Gary Dickson Mobile: 07793218732 Email:garydickson01@hotmail.com Jon Wilde See Membership Secretary Chairman of Selectors: Daren Evans Mobile: 07803611854 Email:dazevo@aol.com Selection : Daren Evans, Matt Asher, Graham Barlow, Jordan Brookes, John Welsh Honorary Auditor: Joe Beckett Fund raising team: Sponsorship manager: Darren Carr Mobile 07858643891 100 club organiser: Dave Downes Mobile: 07719769982 Match Ball Sponsor organiser: Jill Ward Mobile: 07963194849 Trustees: Steve Burton, Geoff Mountford, Steve Amison and Rev. Andy Bull Honorary Life Members: Steve Amison, Graham Barlow, Steve Burton, Dave Downes, Michael Kirk, Brian Lindley, Brian Marshall, Alan Martin, Geoff Mountford, Victor Vernon, Bill Wood, Chris Wood.